No doctors!

So… it’s been a month since I came to Japan.
I’m still processing how my biggest dream in life came true 33 days ago. It’s just amazing.
And although everything is amazingly amazing, some things are not so much amazing XD
For example, having health issues, which I just happen have.
Although nothing too serious, I have been taking care of them so as not to need to go to a doctor. I don’t particularly hate or dislike them, but I just want to prolong as much as I can having to go visit one here in Japan.

So I love Japanese food, so I eat a lot of it. But it seems my body, more specifically my tongue, are not yet so used to it. So almost two weeks ago I got a dilated taste bud. You know, just the normal stuff, a little pain in my tongue. But it seems the food was not helping it heal, so it got worse and worse, and pain would wake me up at night. I gave it a couple more days before I did something about it. Well, today’s been 14 days since this all started. Since 4 days ago, I’ve been rinsing my mouth with salt water after I wash my teeth. I have also been taking care not to eat anything really hot or condimented, mainly ramen, rice and miso. Since this week was Golden Week, I had decided that if I was still doing very bad by Monday, I would go to the doctor. It seems it will not be necessary šŸ˜€

The other problem is a little worse, although it just started 3 days ago. I think I might be starting to develop Athlete’s Foot. And before you look at me with those grossed out looks, let me tell you I had never had a feet problem before. I have two hypothesis on how I got it though:
The first one is that it is not Athlete’s Foot. I do not have pain, not are my feet itchy. The only problem so far has been that skin is peeling between the to smallest toes. So it might actually be a humidity problem since we had a lot of rain for some days and I used the same tennis shoes all the time.
This is the hypothesis I like.

The other one, is that I got it from someone else. You see, the apartment where I am living right now was a mess when I moved in. It was so dirty I felt like crying. I cleaned it up and washed everything, except for the tatami, since I have no clue on how to care for it. And I like being home barefooted. So it suddenly occurred to me that the girls before me, if they were not very clean with their living space, they might not have been very clean with their persona.
This hypothesis I don’t like.

Anyways, I have now bought disinfectant and I’m trying to use open shoes for a while. I the problem persists for more than 2 weeks, I will have to go to a doctor šŸ˜¦

(I was going to put an athlete’s foot picture and a dilated taste bud picture in the post… but they are gross. If you want them go google them XD)


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