This year was my fist time to experience the Hanami season, and although I really enjoyed it, I know next year will be even more amazing, that is because hen I just got to Japan a month ago, the hanami season was just starting, so I was getting accustomed to life here, shaking away the fear of not knowing what is where, getting to know new people, etc. There were just too many exciting things going on at the same time.

Also, after the hanami season finished, I discovered some new places that I want to make sure I visit next year while the flowers are in full bloom.

I live pretty close to a mountain and temple, so I had my fair share of private sightings on my walk to and from school, and I keep enjoying those walks even though there are no more sakuras blooming, but new flowers are also starting to bloom and everything looks just so pretty and colorful *___*

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