Finances and money

Let’s talk about money. I have been told that I will not receive any scholarship money but until a month after I get to Japan, so the people at the Embassy recommend that I take around $2000 USD to cover all the expenses until the money starts flowing.

I don’t really like carrying that amount of money with me, but since I don’t have any family left in Mexico I don’t want to leave my bank account open and risk having to pay international withdrawal fees that would just eat my money away and having no other way of transferring those funds to me since I don’t know how easy are international transfers done to Japan.

The rest of my saving have been already transferred to my mom in a separate bank account in the US and that’s where I will be getting money from in case I need more. I know that in Japan they ask for Japanese credit cards for most important things, like paying bills, so I have cancelled my Mexican credit card too.

As soon as I get to Japan I will look for a Western Union in case I need it.

If you do decide to bring your debit/credit cards to Japan, make sure they are valid throughout your stay in the country. Same with your important documents like IDs and Passport.

In any case, you should be prepared to leave a power of attorney to your parents so that they can resolve any issued that come up on your name while you are away.



  1. Thank you so much Sofi. I am applying for MEXT this year. You are true life saver. I wish I could be like you too. You have clear up many vague things about the scholarship and I am encouraged to apply for it. Once again thank you.
    Best regards from Myanmar. ❤


    • Hello Ingyin, I’m so happy you found my blog usefull.
      I’ve read a lot of blogs and I too had many questions left, that is why I tried to go in detail with every step.
      I will you a lot of luck with this year’s application.


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