Am I ready? Hell no!

A lot has happened since I came back to Mexico, and what seemed like a far away date, is now around the corner, and I’m going crazy.

So, am I prepared to leave? No. But I also need to leave like RIGHT NOW! It’s been forever!

I still have a list of things I need to do before leaving, and I just keep procrastinating like crazy.

I’m not planning on coming back to Mexico in the two years of scholarship, hell, I’m not planning on leaving Japan for 2 years, I plan to travel and get to know as much as I can in the country. So I need to take care of things that might pose a problem while I’m away, like not canceling my cellphone but not paying it either XD

First of all, I went to all the doctors I could, leaving the country in perfect health is a good plan. Think that visiting a doctor in an unfamiliar country can be scary, so getting a check-up done in your language is the best. And by check-up I don’t mean the medical check-up required by the scholarship process, no, I mean going to the dentist, to the eye doctor, to the gynecologist.

I mean, nobody likes to go visit doctors when nothing hurts, but I’m ready to go through everything necessary.

And I know that Japan has some great doctors, and that the health insurance covers great part of the expenses, but I hope to stay away from doctors over there as long as I possibly can.

Also, if you need special medicine, you need to go get your prescription. I usually don’t take pills, but I do think about taking some basic pills for different type of situations: headache, stomach-ache, allergy, throat medication. One of the worst things that can happen to you is getting sick, but not enough to have to go to the doctor, and having NO CLUE about what exists in that country. So this cocktail should get me going until I feel comfortable in Japan.


This post is getting too long, so I will continue in a second part.


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