Madness starts

I just notified the school here in the US that I am leaving. I am officially a NEET as of today and until I leave for Japan \o/

I had to withdraw so soon because I have a possition as a Teaching Assistant, and I was in charge of teaching two classes, so it didn’t feel right, would be unprofessional, to let the semester start and get paid when I already know the results.

On the other hand, I also think about the students, starting with one professor that will leave in a month…. no, no, no. Things have to be done right.

I spoke to the head of the department and explained the situation, she was very happy for me.

The migration consultant also told me that my visa will soon expire if I’m not enrolled on the semester and I need to leave the country on February 25th by the latest.

So I’ll be packing twice, once for Mexico and once for Japan. It wont be so complicated, as I will be taking to Mexico what I will be taking to Japan.

Since I don’t have any family left in Mexico, I will ask a friend if I can stay over at her house, but… it’s a month! I feel like I will be overstaying… but I don’t have anough money to pay a month in a hotel.

I’m already stating to chose what I will be taking to Mexico-Japan, and my room looks like a war zone.


Obviously my clothing is the most importat of all. But I have so much, and it’s all so BEAUTIFUL! I know people recommend to only take three or four things since I will be buying more over there, but… it’s not easy!

So I started to fill the suitcase to get a feeling of spaces, and when I finished, I remembered I also have to take shoes, and personal hygene, and hair products…

The I rememberd my laptop. It’s a big and heavy gaming laptop, but I love her and I’m not leaving her behind!

I also wanted to take my Minna no Nihongo and Genki books to keep studying. I also remembers reading about taking some presents for the profesor, sempai, landlord, etc.

And I ended up crying because I need to leave a lot behind >.<

¡The horror!


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