Government selection results

I just receiven an email from the Embassy of Japan in Mexico telling me I’m still in the process, that is, the Japanese Government has aproved my study project.

They mention that this does not mean that the scholarship has been awarded, the Japanese Government still has to talk to the universities to confirm they are interested in accepting us. In case of an affirmative response, we will be hearing the final results in January.

Obviously you cannot change universities once it has been decided by the Japanese Government.

I swear I’m getting diabetes from all this stress in my life!

If I understand correctly, this is where the number of places that each university has for MEXT students comes into play. What I mean is, for example, lest’s talk about Tokyo University, the most popular, that has 20 places (I’m making up the numbers) for MEXT, but there are 130 candidates that put it as their #1 option. Well, the other 110 that will not be able to get into ToDai, the Government will try to put them into their #2 and #3 options.

I suppose this is why people who have applied in past years recommend that you write at least one university that is not one of the ones everyone wants: ToDai, KyoDai, Tohoku university, etc.

Budget also comes into play. Obviously the Japanese Government will try to put us in not so expensive universities, that is, 1st in National Universities, 2nd in Public Universities, and 3rd in Private Universities.

I think one of the worst combinations a candidate can ask for is the combo Doshisha-Waseda-Sophia. Not only are they all private, they are among the most expensive and more popular ones.


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