Preliminary Selection Certificate

Today I went to the Embassy again and submitted the corrcted documents, the CD and the medical check-up form.

One of the three copy sets has been stamped on each page by the embassy and given back to me. They also gave me a cute certificate that says I passed the Preliminary Selection at the Embassy.

I’m so happy.

The initial wait felt like forever and, suddenly, in less than 15 days, I went through the language tests, the interview, the documents correction, lab tests, medical check-up and final submission. It’s crazy.

But I shouldn’t relax yet. I now have to contact the universities to ask for the official Letters of Acceptance.

One of the things I have notices is that, in Mexico, we start the LoA process waaaay earlier than many other counties. That gives us a big advantage since the Universities are not yet flooded with requests, nor are we suffering from shot time.

I also asked Prof. Solís about how many made it to this point. She said we are 13 candidates but htat there are only 11 places. When I asked her about the things that help them decide who will be the 11 scholars, she told me that there is almost always someone who does not get any LoA at all, and there will always be at least one person who will freak out about leaving their family and country and quit at last moment.


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