Documents revision and Medical check-up

Has it happened to you that after checking something for a thousand times, you stop seeing the mistakes?

Well, it happened to me, and it was quite embarrassing. When I got to the Embassy, Prof. Solís had a list of thing I had to correct. All of those were mistakes I had planned on not making -_-

I took note of all the correction on a notebook.

Before leaving, she gave me the medical check-up format, a list of lab tests I had to get done and the contact information of the approved doctor they work with.

She told me that next time we meet, I should have all the documents corrected, have the medical check-up done and bring the CD with all documents scanned.

So, when I got home I started calling the labs: Chopo, Laboratorios Médico Polanco, Laboratorios del Doctor Simi. First of all I needed to know I they could get all the lab tests done, then get prices and also to know when they would have the results.

If you have gotten to this point, prepare to spend quite a lot of money. Specially if the health care system in your country doesn’t cover the lab tests, as is Mexico’s case.

I went to the Chopo because I have a medical discounts card that was accepted there and because the results would be ready in 3 days.

As soon as I got the results, I called to make an appointment with the doctor. For those in Mexico, he is located in Interlomas, the cost, “since you are a MEXT candidate will have a discount and only be of $800”.

So, between doctor and lab tests it was a total of around $2,500 pesos.

During the appointment, the doctor checked the lab results, weighted me, asked me a couple of questions, and… that’s it. No more than 10 mins.


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