The interview

So yesterday I received an email from the SRE, like a 2pm, saying the interviews would be today and tomorrow. Yay for me -_- I was the first on the list.

I didn’t sleep, obviously. I tried to think in every single question that I could receive. Fortunately, stress and adrenaline kept me going through the day.

My interview was supposed to start at 9:00am, they asked us to arrive 15 mints prior to the appointment, so I got there half an hour earlier, at 8:30am. The email also mentioned that the interviews would last a maximum of 20 minutes.

So while I was sitting in the lobby, watching the minutes go by, the suffering just increased.

9:00am… 9:05am… 9:10am and the second candidate arrived. We greeted each other, he asked me if I was there for the interview and told him they had not started yet. At 9:15 I got called.

There were 4 people in the room:

An expert (although I was never told and expert in what)
The person responsible of scholarships at the SRE
Prof. María Solís
The cultural attaché of the Japanese Embassy in Mexico

And the interview started. The expert asked me to describe my research topic, how it was related to my previous professional experience, how it was related to my previous studies, if I had plans of coming back to Mexico, and how did I plan to apply my studies in Mexico.

Then it was Prof. Solís’s turn. Had I been to Japan before, had I ever lived alone and how did I plan to tackle hardships in Japan, how would I be affected by being far from my family.

The cultural attaché also participated. He asked me in Japanese what I had most liked about Japan when I went there, then, in Spanish, he asked me why should my studies be done in Japan, and if I was willing to modify my research proposal to accommodate Japan’s interests in Mexico.

When I got out of there it was 9:45am, I was in there for half an hour, but it felt like 5 minutes.

The results will be out on Friday 24th at 12:00pm by the latest. It gonna be two loooong days!


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