Language tests

Today was one of those days where you could easily end up with diabetes.

In the SRE email, they said the test was scheduled at 8:30am at the SRE offices and that we should arrive with enough time, so I got there at 8:00am.

When I got there, there were already about 10 other candidates waiting. Time went by. And by. And by.

By the time we finally gor to sit in our test chairs, it was 9:10am and there were 37 of us.

Prof. Solís was there alongside the cultural attaché from the Japanese Embassy in Mexico. Prof. Solís started calling us one by one so that we could submit the 4 document folders.

There were 3 very uncomfortable moments:

  1. Two people showed up to the tests and they had not been selected for it, so they were asked to leave.
  2. 4 or 5 candidates did not have their 4 document folders with them claiming that they had called the embassy and were told they could submit them the next day at the embassy. The cultural attaché told Prof. Solís to allow them to submit the documents today before 3:00pm or they would be disqualified.
  3. One other candidate had his documents, but he didn’t bring them in order or even separate sets, so he just spread everything on the floor and started working on it.

We could all taste Prof. Solís’s exasperation in the air.

So, when we finally were the ones we should be and we had all submitted or not our documents, we started with the explanations.

Both English and Japanese are obligatory, however, we only needed to pass one of them to proceed to the interview. For the English, minimum 60/90. For the Japanese, minimum 150/300

The English tests is a simplified version of the TOEFL minus the audio and speaking part.

The Japanese test is divided in three sections: basic, intermediate and advances. I only tried the first two. You have to write kanji, recognize them, and answer grammar questions.

At 4:30pm we got the scores. I got 84/90 and 98/300.
Even though the Japanese was a fail for me, I did better than I expected, and I didn’t want to submit it in blank like many others.

Now I have to wait for the interview schedule 🙂


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