Everything is ready!

As I had already applied 2 years in a row, I could use about 80% of those documents for this year.

This time I changed my study field, so I also had to modify the research proposal, although not totally. Once finished, I focused on summarising it so that it would fit the given space, that is, two pages.

This year I only contacted one professor since the other 2 universities asked to wait until the preliminary certificate was received. It’s a big risk. But the professor I was able to contact is from the university I am most interested in and he was very nice. He answered really fast, made me sompe questions, gave me a homework and asked for my opinion. Apparently I did everything right wince he gave me his ok as an advisor.

He also asked me that, if I do pass the preliminary selection, he wants me to go through the admission process immediately to enter directly to the Masters instead of Research student.

I am so excited!

The two previous years I waited until the last day to submit my documents to the SRE, one of my objectives this year was to not wait that long.

The deadline is May 31st, I will submit them on the 20th.


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