Documents set for the SRE

Now that we are done talking about individual formats, I want to talk about how the documents should be submitted. Even though there are official documents with guidelines, I will talk about it along some other recommendations:

The document set for the SRE should be submitted in a yellow folder, letter size, Acco steel fasteners (Broches Bacco). The folder should have a label with your full name, the name of the scholarship and your country.

Let the effort be seen. Go to Office Depot and by page dividers. Also make a front page with the scholarship name, your full name. Make an index.

All forms should have the same date.

In Mexico, around 2000 applications are received each year. Make the work easier for the committee.

Documents should go in this order:

  1. Registration Sheet and Letter of Intent (Original): Printed on one side, with a 2.5 x 3.0 cm color photo and signed.
  2. MEXT – Application Form (Copy): This is a copy, the photo nor the signature should be originals.
  3. MEXT – Placement Preference Form (Copy): This is a copy, the photo should not be original.
  4. MEXT – Field of Study and Study Plan (Copy).
  5. Resumé (Original) with supporting documents (Copy): Unles you won a Nobel Prize or have received thousands of awards, your resumé should not be longer than 1 page. Only mention your last studies, your 3 most recent jobs. Remember that knowing how to use Paint and Word arenot considered skills. Put a photo.
    For the supporting documents, those should be the recommendation letters that you usually request when you quit a job. For your current job, an employment certificate. Copy of any awards.
  6. Degree (Copy): Go to any professional copy place to get this copy done. It should be letter sized (that means a reduction) and it should be totally LEGIBLE. That means all seals, all small letters, etc, should not appear as dead flies in the paper nor as if they don’t exist. Explain to whoever is helping you what you need, otherwise you will end up paying 100 copies and only be able to use 5.
  7. Official Transcript (Copy): Same as with the degree. Make it LEGIBLE.
  8. Studies Certificate (Copy): For many, the certificate and the transcript will be the same, you DO NOT need to include it twice. The certificate is just in case you have not yet received your degree.
  9. Thesis abstract (Copy): If you didn’t write one, here you should include a official document from your school that says that you didn’t neet to write a thesis to graduate. Otherwise, the abstract should be 3/4 – 1 page long.
  10. Recommendation Letters (Copy): First the academic, and then the professional. If they’re in Spanish, include the translations.
  11. English Certificate (Copy)Copia de constancia de inglés: Let me be clear, the TOEFL ITP is useless. Get the real one, the TOEFL iBT, or the IELTS. The Universities will also ask for them.
  12. SRE Questionnaire (Original): If necessary, write N/A were needed, but don’t leave anything blank. Original signature needed.
  13. Birth Certificate (Copy)
  14. Japanese Certificate (Copy): Even if it’s the JLPT N5, include it, it’s better than nothing.


Pray a lot, and submit.


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