MEXT formats

Having talked about the SRE formats, I will continue with the MEXT formats.

Although none of them is complicated, you should pay careful attention to all details. Some general recommendations are:

  • Do not modify the documents structure. That is, do not send to a second page what is in the first, don’t change the letter size, not chage the text alignment or the margins, etc.
    The embassy publishes a document that tells you how to fill the forms up. I would recommend you print a draft copy of all forms (that you will fill in), and make anotations as you read the embassy’s document. So that when you start filling the forms, you have, right there, all the reminders.
  • It is very possible you will print the same form 10 times before you feel confident you have it right, and even then, as you walk towards the office to submit them, you must know you’ll have mistakes. It’s horrible.
  • All MEXT forms have to be submitted in A4 paper. It is not sold in Mexico. But do not fret. Go and buy a package of legal size paper and:
    a) cut it yourself (but make sure they are all the same size)
    b) take it to a professional center to get it cut (like Lumen)



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