Application Form – MEXT

I will talk about the most frecuent errors you can make in the Application Form.

Application Form:

This form is a personal information form.

1-1)Name in full, in your native language(姓名(自国語))

Should be filled by hand, black ink, use Capital and Lower Case letters. All boxes should also be filled by hand. Use X’s for the boxes.

1-2)Name in Roman capital letters (ローマ字)


9)Academic background (学歴)

For Mexican people here: We have “Diploma” for Primary, Secondary and High school, not degrees (sorry, I don’t know what the system is for other countries)
For everyone: in your Undergraduate you should write:
“Degree awarded,
Bachelor in ____________”.

If your undergraduate course was a 3 years course, just mention it, and don’t fret about not having the 16 years.

Take note of Note 6: “Calculate and write the total number of years studied based on duration as a student. (including extended leave such as summer vacation)(修学年数合計は在籍期間を算出し、記入すること。(長期休暇も含める))”

That is, if attended elementary school from August 2000 to May 2006 and then you had summer vacations before proceding to the next school year, those vacations are part of the student life period, so it should read:

From: August 2000
To: July 2006
6 years
0 months

10)Field of specialization studied in the past(Be as detailed and specific as possible.)(過去に専攻した専門分野(できるだけ具体的に詳細に書くこと。))

Be breaf and clear. White your faculty, degree, and mention the focus of your studies, For example, I wrote:  “Faculty of Social Sciences, Bachelor in Mass Communication with a focus in the pragmatics of communication related to the effect of individuals, groups, society and cultures in the process of communication.”

10―2)State the titles or subjects of books and papers(including graduation theses) authored by applicant, if any, with the name, address of publisher and the date of publication.(著書、論文(卒業論文を含む。)があればその題名、出版社名、出版年月日、出版場所を記入すること。)

If you didn’t write a thesis for graduation, just say it and attach a school document that says you didn’t need it for graduation.

To finish the form, sign it as you signed in you passport, write your name in CAPITAL LETTERS and write the date in format AAAA/MM/DD.
Write a date close to the date you plan on submitting your documents, and make sure you don’t submit them before that date.


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