SRE Forms

As I have previously mentioned, the Secretariat of Foreign Relation of Mexico (SRE) is involved in de selection process for this scholarship in Mexico.

Even though I don’t really agree with it (since the one offering the scholarship is the Japanese Government), I understand that the volume of candidacies receives it too big to handle by the people at the embassy alone, and the help they get is crucial in keeping up with deadlines.

The part I don’t agree with is that in the preselection there is no one from the embassy involved. That is, the Mexican Government tells the Japanese Government who they can consider as candidates. Obviously there is a conflict of interests there, but I will keep my thoughts to myself.

What I want to talk to you today is about the formats that are exclusive to the SRE:

  1. Registration Sheet and Letter of Intent
    This form is for you to input your personal data, the general data of the studies you want to carry out, academic history and professional experience.
    The last page, though, is a Letter of Intent where you accept the scholarship conditions and you commit to come back to Mexico once you finish your studies.
    You will need a 2.5 x 3.0 cm photo.
    You do not need previous preparation for this form.
  2. SRE Questionnaire
    I recommend filling this form after you have finished with the MEXT forms.
    Here you will need to really explain why you are requesting the scholarship, and you better have a good reason. You need to explain your research topic, how does your professional  and academic experience relate to your field of study, what does Mexico gain from your studies, etc., etc., etc.
    In the part where you are asked to talk about your research topic and how you link your previous academic and professional history coul, and should just be a translation of what you wrote in the MEXT Field of Study form. Don’t complicate your own existence, don’t think twice about those things. If you already have it in one part, and they are asking for it again, so just repeat. It gives consistency and saves time and brain.

    Let me make a note here of something VERY OBVIOUS, but I will say it nonetheless. Your personal information should be consistent throughout ALL forms.  Don’t go saying you live in one address in one form and input another in the SRE form. Or writing different emails in different forms. Don’t do that, please.

Also, very important, both MEXT and the SRE ask you for contact information in case of an emergency. First of all, it has to be someone living in your country of origin. Second, if you are not going to write the name of one of your direct family members (mom, dad, siblings), in the “Relationship to applicant” part, you should write that and WHY not a direct family member.

In my case, I had to write an uncle’s name, and wrote:

Uncle. As my family lives in the US, he would contact my mom in case of emergency.

Next post will be about the MEXT formats.


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